Knowledge, Experience and Excellence

onAir (Int’l) Ltd. established in 2010, is a private software development company headquartered in Dhaka and research and development center in Jessore Bangladesh.

Since the inception, we use our in-depth industry knowledge to understand the business complexities and combine the creative and technical expertise to produce effective solutions in terms of better a ROI and give the customer a better brand experience in the digital space.

onAir develops solutions for various industry that help bridge the communication gap between diverse hardware and software applications. Our products enable informed decision-making by providing consistent, reliable data across the enterprise.


The warning signs you need a more powerful ERP solution

If you’re feeling these pain points, maybe it’s time you consider a bigger solution.

  • Takes too long to do something and there are too many errors
  • Poor visibility into data needed to make decisions
  • Lack of sharing information or collaborating
  • Not enough time or resources to really run the business
  • Can’t handle what seems like simple business expansion


Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

ERP software—once considered a necessary commodity in the IT infrastructure—is now viewed as a strategic asset for organizations that want to remain competitive by quickly adapting to change and accelerating business performance.



An Intelligent Comprehensive Approach

onAir has been providing powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions that enable manufacturing & trading businesses to operate more efficiently and more profitably than ever before. Based upon years of experience & domain knowledge, onAir has developed the most comprehensive and effective ERP solution available namely onERP. The powerful, wide-ranging solution, combined with a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, is why onERP has one of the good customer retention rates.


onERP Modules Work Together

Because all modules of onERP are designed, developed, and supported by onAir, they operate as a powerful and cohesive solution. The innovative onERP system is capable of handling all your extended ERP needs with a single database – all without the need for expensive third-party software interfaces. This enables a truly streamlined approach to helping manufacturing enterprises stay lean.

Centralized Data Engine

The onERP total solution eliminates the complexity and cost of managing multiple databases. onERP is delivering seamless utilization while centralizing business activity across your entire business process. That means complete access for accurate and current information to everyone at all times.


Powerful Accessible Technology

onAir designs its powerful modules for those who use it most: employees. The simple environment and intuitive graphical interfaces are so simple to learn that training costs are typically a fraction of the fees associated with most ERP providers.


Industry Knowledge

We keep ourselves up-to-date with various processes that are essential to running a business, including inventory and order management, accounting, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM), and beyond issues facing our customers. onAir is committed to addressing the ever-changing compliance landscape with modules that adhere to some of the industry’s most stringent requirements.


onAir Core onERP Modules

  1. Purchase & Logistic Module
  2. Warehouse & Inventory Management Module
  3. Production Management Module
  4. Sales & Distribution Management Module
  5. Human Resource Management Module
  6. Payroll & Provident Fund Management Module
  7. Financial Accounting Management Module
  8. Fixed Asset Management
  9. MIS Module
  10. Mobile Apps



Detailed List of Features and Functionality

Purchase & Logistics Module

Reduce costs with intelligent purchasing tools and keep on top of quotations, orders and sub-contractor interactions.

  • Streamlined purchase plan
  • Requisitions & approvals
  • Supplier management
  • Supplier Quote evaluation
  • Purchase order management
  • Invoice processing
  • Purchase LC management
  • Item cost calculation & analysis



Warehouse & Inventory Management Module


  • Requisitions & approvals
  • Return management
  • Stock Transfers
  • Multi-Location
  • Receive management
  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking
  • Bundle/Basket Products
  • Quality check management
  • Shipping management
  • Damage goods/wastage management
  • Inventory auditing
  • Barcodes & Labels
  • Unit of Measurement configuration
  • Stock records


Production Management Module

  • Material management
  • Production receive
  • Quality control
  • Packing management
  • Wastage Controlling

Sales & Distribution Management Module

  • Sales quotation
  • Easy price declaration
  • Discount/Offer Controlling
  • Sales order management
  • Invoice processing
  • Party Ledger
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Limit Management

Human Resource Management Module

Attendance Management

  • Attendance management
  • Absent policy
  • Defining Late In/Early Out
  • Employee Proximity card & RFID
  • Attendance device control

Employee Management

  • Detailed Employee Records
  • Employee transfer controlling
  • Settlement adjusting

Shift Management

  • Shift planning & scheduling
  • Time Tracking
  • Shift Roster System

Loan & Utility Management

  • Loan type & policy configuration
  • Advance salary & loan application
  • Employee utility & allowances

Leave Management

  • Leave policy formation
  • Leave application & allocation
  • Vacation / Leave Tracking

Overtime Management

  • Over Time configuration
  • Over Time tracking

Holiday Management


Payroll Management

Payroll Management

  • Payroll & wages management
  • Salary adjustment

Bonus Management

  • Bonus policy controlling
  • Festival bonus management

Performance Appraisal

  • KRA Configuration
  • Goal Setting & Tracking
  • Decision Parameter
  • Employee Evaluation

Promotion Increment

  • Increment policy
  • Promotion controlling

Provident Fund Management

  • Provident fund policy
  • Provident Fund opening & allocation management

Financial Accounting

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Cash management
  • Bank receive
  • Bank payment
  • Conveyance Bill Vouching
  • Cheque Receive
  • Cheque Print
  • Post Dated Cheque management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Account payable
  • Account receivable

Analytical Reports:

  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • General Ledger
  • Party Ledger


Fixed Assets Management Module

  • Asset Receive
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Asset Transfer
  • Depreciation Management
  • Disposal Management
  • Spare-Parts Consumption
  • Asset Utility Consumption


Human Resource & Payroll Management Reports
Attendance Reports

·         Day to Day In-Time Attendance

·         Employee In/Out Time Management

·         Position Wise Attendance

·         Attendance Status

Employee Information Report

·         Employee Personal Profile

·         Employee Bank Account Info

·         Employee Job Confirmation

·         Employee Joining Report

·         Employee Information

·         Employee Salary Sheet

·         Salary Advice

·         Wages Based Salary Sheet

·         Employee Pay Slip

·         Monthly Attendance Summary

·         Employee Festival Bonus

·         Overtime Report

·         PF Report

·         Leave Status Report

·         Employee Bonus Report

·         Daily Production Report

·         Employee Transfer Report

·         Employee Shift Roster

·         Employee ID Card Report

·         Salary Deduction Due to Delay




onERP: A Powerful ERP Solution

Maximizing Supply Chain Efficiencies

onAir plays a key role in supply chain management by ensuring efficient electronic communication, streamlined production, accurate labeling and distribution, and the ability to meet the dynamic needs of customers and suppliers. onAir brings it all together for you, seamlessly.

Modular Approach Tailored to Your Company Needs

Start with one of our many base systems, including versions for small, single-site facilities; large multi-plant, multi-language facilities, and the facilities that are in-between. All of these options are built with a comprehensive solution that features manufacturing and inventory control, sales and distribution, and financial management.

Singular Design and Execution Concept

The onERP system is conceived, designed, executed, and supported with one development vision. This provides total control over future development of the software and eliminates the need for costly third-party applications.


Industries We Serve


Distribution & Wholesale


Customer Service

Printing & Packaging


Better data helps manufacturers grow 35% faster


We know an ERP solution is an investment.

From the time you make onAir your technology partner throughout the entire relationship, onAir specialists are available to assist you wherever you are, in whatever language you speak. We deliver an innovative ERP solution that extends far beyond simply providing software. onAir is proud to offer its customers one of the best maintenance packages available, featuring:

  • Customized goal-oriented implementation plans
  • Dedicated support services
  • Flexible training options


onERP: a single ‘view of the truth’

Manufacturers & Distributors have been relying on the onERP system for many years. onERP is a trusted source for delivering the most comprehensive and effective ERP solution available, which is why customers continually retain onERP as their enterprise software provider of choice. Rely on onERP for all your business needs.


What Makes onERP Different

Whether your business is growing locally or expanding globally, we have a solution for every stage that’s more flexible and scalable than other traditional ERP solutions. Traditional ERP systems are complex, inflexible, not scalable, expensive, and not easy to use.

onERP do it all, but are flexible, customizable, scalable, affordable, and easy to implement. They can even be mobile, enabling you to work anytime, anywhere; giving you complete control of your business.

Our technology gives you the most powerful set of business tools in the world.


Lower Costs through a Single Platform with a Consistent, Intuitive Interface

With onERP, there is a one database and one application to administer, and for users, a single, intuitive interface. It’s easier for the users and eliminates data synchronization issues. onERP lowers the costs and impact of change management across the board.

Real Time Production & Process Monitoring

The real-time monitoring system empowers decision-makers to see what is going on the business in real time, and also provides an artifact trail for traceability.

Industry Experience

We realize that our value to you comes from the industry experience of our managers, software engineers, trainers and implementers. This experience enables us to identify the right configuration of our many modules, features and configurations to provide you the best return on your investment.